Agri Sciences

With decades of experience in Agri Sciences, we provide our customers with the highest quality seeds, agrochemicals and micronutrients that ensure high yields and greater value for money.

Since its inception in 1990, the Agri Division has diversified and expanded, allowing us to provide holistic solutions to our customers. Today, we market both imported as well as locally produced seeds that offer high yield to farmers.

The Agri Division strives to empower farmers to create maximum value while conserving water, land and energy. We support farmers by providing them with high quality farm inputs to maximize their yields and minimize their costs.
The Agri Division consists of three segments: Seeds (Field Crops), Vegetable Seeds and Agrochemicals. Currently, ICI Pakistan Limited is the only organisation with dedicated sales, marketing and technical teams for each segment.

We take pride in being responsive to the ever changing needs of our customers. The ability to respond effectively, a dedicated team for Agro Chemicals, Seeds (Field Crops) and Vegetable Seeds, and a strong alliance with our business partners, has positioned ICI Pakistan Limited to continue to be a leader in the years to come.

Seeds (Field Crops)

The Seeds segment offers its customers an outstanding range of hybrid seeds for field crops. It includes a portfolio of high value seeds for sunflower, corn, fodder, canola, mustard and rice. In the sunflower, canola and corn seed category our brands Hysun 33, Hysun 39, Hyola 401 and Hycorn 339 are market leaders in their respective segments.

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Vegetable Seeds

TLaunched in 2008, the Vegetable Seeds segment has grown steadily. The Agri Division takes pride in the exponential growth achieved by the segment. Vegetable Seeds has now established a strong footing in the okra,hot pepper and tomato markets, and offers a wide range of products including cucumber, gourds, okra, tomato, hot pepper, onion, eggplant, carrot, cauliflower, peas, watermelon and turnip.

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Our Agrochemicals Segment numbers among the top ten players operating in the agrochemicals industry. Our three key brands Ulala, Lancer Gold and Total have seen tremendous growth in a very short span of time. The segment also includes products from our micronutrients category.

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