Specialty Chemicals (SC)

The division comprises of the Textile, Industrial Chemicals and Crops sub-segments.

The Specialty Chemicals division serves two economic sectors that have long been key to the country’s prosperity – textiles and agriculture. Additionally, through its industrial trading house the segment powers multiple industries of Pakistan, including pharmaceuticals, food & beverages and coatings. A combination of top tier manufacturing competencies and alliances with juggernauts in the global chemicals space allow the division to offer novel solutions and premium products.

Based in Karachi, the Specialty Chemicals plant began operations in 1968. Manufacturing and product development take place at this facility, which has expanded and modernized over the years, and stayed abreast with improving production standards.

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The Textile sub-segment provides an array of manufactured and traded products to the local industry, including dyes and inks for printing, and crucial chemical Auxiliaries such as PVA’s. By partnering with the globally renowned Huntsman Textiles Effects, in 2018, the sub-segment has added innovative solutions to the local industry e.g. inputs for flame retardant textiles and a dedicated portfolio of products for medical textiles. With its advocacy of innovation, the business also provides technical support to its customers.


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Industrial Chemicals

The Industrial Chemicals sub-segment is the trading house of the division and represents leading suppliers like Evonik and Venator. It deals in a diverse product range including chlorinated solvents, cleaning chemicals, flavoring agents, boric acids and biocides for water-based chemicals etc. Additionally, through its established expertise in providing chemical inputs, it serves various industries across the country including Paints & Coatings, Inks, Hospitality Industry, Edible Oil Manufacturers etc. Industrial Chemicals has expanded its scope in recent years by catering to industries like Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages.

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The Crops sub-segment is a market leader in the pesticide industry, a one stop solution and a supplier of choice for pesticide formulators across the country. With strategic partnership with renowned giants, the segment provides innovative solutions to pesticide and herbicide manufacturers including emulsifiers, wetting & dispersing agents, adjuvants, solvents and auxiliaries. Hence, the business plays a key role in safeguarding the country’s agricultural output and with its advocacy of innovation, it also provides technical support to its customers alongside a sustained quality of products.

For sales related queries, please contact:
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