Stakeholder Feedback

Our customers and partners place great value on our partnership. This speaks volumes – more than anything we could have to say about ourselves. See what they have to say about their experience with us.

PHU Weglohut

PHU WeglohuS, Poland
Suppliers of Metallurgical Coke

In August 2012 we will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of our cooperation with ICI Pakistan Limited. Why celebrate? Because we find this period in Weglohut’s history to be one of our best. As ICI Pakistan Limited is a very demanding partner, we have to develop all the time. Due to this relationship, from a European-based company, we became a global trader.

Logistic solutions and business standards which we had to initiate due to ICI Pakistan Limited are now commonly used in business with Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Gulf and Mediterranean Countries.

The relationship between ICI Pakistan Limited and Weglohut is not a standard tussle of ‘buyer vs. seller.’ Ours is not a standard relationship, as ICI Pakistan Limited is not a standard client – ICI Pakistan Limited is our partner and one of our most reliable customers. That is why our relationships are far deeper and stronger than with other companies. We do not simply supply coke any more. We supply solutions – and we supply quality, stability, security and flexibility.

We believe that despite global changes, our cooperation will last for a long time. We believe that our business and personal relationships will grow, as our children do.

Sheikh Abdul SattarSheikh Abdul Sattar
Soda Ash Distributor, Multan Region

Strength of Relationship: It has been my privilege to partner with ICI Pakistan Limited for the past 36 years. Over the years, our relationship with the Company has strengthened, thanks to their sound business processes and emphasis on building long-lasting relationships. Our association now spans over three generations!

Efficiency/Followup: The team is cooperative, friendly and helpful on all fronts. We value our relationships with the team.

Reliability: The Company’s reliability is sound. Product is delivered on time, as per the agreed specifications and terms of sale. We have never had issues with this aspect of our business relationship. This factor being a critical aspect in commodity trading has led us to value and cherish our long association with ICI Pakistan Limited.

Sound and Ethical Business Practices: The Soda Ash Business has a long and proud history spanning over 65 years, which has enabled them to develop sound systems and processes. The Company’s ‘way of doing business’ has become a benchmark for others and is an unofficial industry standard that others aspire to follow.