Regulatory Requirements

Legal Advisor

M/s Imran Mushtaq & Co

Status of the Company

ICI Pakistan Limited is a public listed company and considered to be economically significant company.

Company Registration number and National Tax Number

CUIN # 0000535

NTN # 0710672-6

Address of registered office, head office, all other branch offices

ICI House, 5 West Wharf Road, Karachi

Phone numbers, fax (if available) of head office, registered office and branch offices

Tel: 021-32313717-22

Fax :021-32311739

Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

ICI Pakistan PowerGen Limited
NutriCo Morinaga Private Limited N/A
Associated CompaniesPercentage Shareholding in ICI Pakistan LimitedWebsite link (if any)
Lucky Cement Limited55%
Yunus Textile Mills Limited 12.01%
Gadoon Textile Mills Limited7.21%
Lucky Textile Mills Limited6.23%
YB Pakistan Limited1.10%
NutriCo International (Private) Limited

Pattern of Shareholding as at 30 June 2022


Financial Highlights of past five years


Free Float of Shares


Membership of Industry association and trade bodies, if any

Rating of company and Instrument

As per the latest available yearly financial statements

For the Year Ended June 30, 2022  
Earning Per Share (PKR)67.66
Price Earning Ratio (times)10.71
Breakup Value Per Share excluding revaluation surplus (PKR)285.74
Breakup Value Per Share with revaluation surplus (PKR)285.74

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