Scrunch it, stretch it and wash it – without any wear and wrinkles. This is what polyester is famous for. Used in the manufacturing of clothing and home furnishings, polyester has been the fabric of choice for decades in a changing economy of speed, efficiency and convenience.


The first polyester fibre, Terylene, was introduced to the world by ICI in 1941. From the disco clothing of the 1970s to today’s high-performance active sportswear and outdoor gear, polyester has maintained its popularity throughout the decades.

ICI Pakistan Limited introduced this revolutionary product to the country by setting up its Polyester plant at Shiekhupura in 1982. As pioneers of the polyester staple fibre technology in Pakistan, we enable the cotton rich textile industry to diversify its products and be more competitive in the international arena, where the growth of manmade fibres has been phenomenal.

Our Legacy

Properties and Manufacturing

Polyester staple fibre (PSF) is manufactured by the polymerisation of two derivatives of crude oil: pure terephathalic acid (PTA) and mono-ethylene glycol (MEG). It is a key man-made fibre consumed by the textile industry of Pakistan, which continues to be the backbone of the domestic economy despite several challenges.

PSF is an essential raw material for the textile value chain as it is consumed by the spinning industry for the manufacturing of different polyester yarns. The yarn is then subsequently converted into a variety of value added products by the downstream industry. This fibre, which so closely resembles cotton in its applications, is not grown in the fields but is a part of the petrochemicals chain. The polyester shirt that you wear has actually been derived from crude oil!

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